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Restaurants in Summerlin Las Vegas

Restaurants in Summerlin Las Vegas


Summerlin Las Vegas Restaurants have come a very long way in an extremely short span of time. A decade before something that was available in Vegas was only a handful of fast food joints that couldn’t be called delicious by any stretch of imagination and expensive buffets that no one could afford. However, now there are so many restaurants catering to worldwide cuisines that people are spoilt for choice.

Who can ignore inexpensive buffets and fast food diners that offer cheap fanciful dishes? The days of oily, junk food are long gone. The present time’s Las Vegas dining restaurants are renowned worldwide and most of them are owned by star chefs, celebrities, and the greatest cooks of the nation. In addition to variation of chefs and eating houses, the array of food presented has changed as well. You can go for the little barbeque joints, hamburger cafés, or pizza bistros just round the corner.

Finally there are the galore international five-stars, a once in a while occasion where you can have a luxuriously scrumptious meal in a royal ambience. Because there are so many Summerlin Las Vegas Restaurants and choosing one from them is difficult, there are a number of online sites which do this service. They rank restaurants according to their respective services and rates by which people come to know which one to try out and which one to avoid. It is extremely convenient as you no longer have to scan mind-numbing maps just to have a good brunch or satiate your hunger.

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  • featured New York Chinese Restaurant

    New York Chinese Restaurant

    9430 W Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89134

       New York Chinese Restaurant, 9430 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 1, which opened on Aug. 11, even does…

  • IHOP Restaurant

    IHOP Restaurant

    9651 Trailwood Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89134

       For 54 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served our world famous pancakes and a wide variety…

  • Spiedini Ristorante

    Spiedini Ristorante

    221 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

        This upscale restaurant features Italian dining from a very large menu. The pasta here is exactly what it…

  • Maru


    2025 Village Center Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89134

  • Sultan’s Grill

    Sultan’s Grill

    1910 Village Center Cir, Ste 7, Las Vegas, NV 89134

  • Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

    Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

    2110 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128

  • Cabo Mexican Restaurant

    Cabo Mexican Restaurant

    11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135

       Cabo Mexican Restaurant is the place to sample the finest in authentic Mexican cuisine. Located inside the Red…

  • Fazoli’s


    1260 N Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89144

  • Agave Restaurant

    Agave Restaurant

    10820 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135

          If you are fond of the authentic Mexican cuisine, rich with intense flavor and elaborate presentation, Agave…

  • Subway


    1750 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128

      In 1965, Fred Deluca had just graduated from high school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. Like many young adults…