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Hoover Dam Tours Las Vegas

Hoover Dam Tours Las Vegas


The Hoover Dam has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Construction Achievements in the 20th century and one of America’s seven engineering wonders at present. Each and every year it attracts more than a million visitors from across the planet. The Hoover Dam is located in Black Canyon, 35 miles away from Las Vegas. This modern dam is named after Herbert Hoover, USA’s 31st president, because he played an important role in the construction process in 1930. In 1995 the Hoover Dam Visitor Center was opened for tourists. The rooftop overlook of this vast structure is pretty popular with the tourists.

Now even at the 21st century, in the Western Hemisphere Hoover Dam is the highest concrete dam. It has now become a must watch for all tourists. As many as three-thousand people visit it on a daily basis. There are several experienced tour guides operating from Las Vegas. They offer you the best tour services for visiting Hoover dam. The journey starts from Las Vegas as it is the nearest city from the architectural marvel. The general services on offer are:

Ø      Availability of transport system from Las Vegas hotels and return to Las Vegas;

Ø      Tour guide;

Ø      First-class comfort and many more exciting packages; and

Ø      Good quality food.

The deluxe services are bound to make your trip more memorable. You have an option to visit the interior portion of the dam. For this luxurious trip to Hoover Dam you have to spend less than 100 dollars.

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