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Colorado River Tours Las Vegas

Colorado River Tours Las Vegas


The Colorado River is one of the most important rivers flowing through the southwestern regions of the US of America. Many tour operators in Las Vegas offer tour packages for taking tourists to visit different points of this mighty river, which is known mainly for its dramatic canyons and rapids. Here are the important tour packages available:

1.River Rafting Down Black Canyon: This raft tour will sail you among the scenic destinations of the Colorado River. You will smooth over slow waters on a pontoon style raft. Watch out for the grazing bighorn sheep and plunge into the bright sunshine and the scenic spectacles. Most often a picnic lunch box is distributed which includes the choice of a sandwich, fruits, chips and beverages, depending on the tour operators.

2.White Water Tour: The excitement and thrill are pumped up as you wrestle the mighty current of the Colorado River. The Hualapai tribe river runners are the guides and they provide you with the lunch. You will get a chance to explore by foot the various coves and waterfalls. You will flow down the famous diamond creek. At the end of the rafting you will be airlifted to the West rim where you can dry off. This is said to be one of the perfect adventures for summer months.

3.Hoover Dam Tour: This family ride will take you to the Hoover Dam, swiftly and smoothly sailing over the calm waters of Lake Colorado. This is a 12-mile ride, flowing along the Colorado River down to the Willow Beach in Arizona. The journey is rapid-free. In the journey, one can encounter with several birds of prey, waterfalls, magnificent bighorn sheep and the smoking hot springs.

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