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A Drink of Pleasure & A Night of Sin – Las Vegas

A Drink of Pleasure & A Night of Sin – Las Vegas

Tasting the lips of Aphrodite may be a far cry when you are in the middle years of your marriage when romance has for long waned from hearts. But, before stepping onto the altar, and unveiling the virtue’s curtain, a mere indulgence in a night of sinful pleasure becomes a compulsion; compulsion which is not only a throbbing need of the hour, but the drug which sustains the life of an addict. This thought was soaring in our minds, when late in night sitting in my apartment, I and my two childhood best friends booked our flights for next morning to go to Las Vegas.

Engagements were long before done, and now our marriages were just month away. So, that was clearly the bachelor’s prolonged night. Since we had over the period of our college years collected all information what we could about Vegas, from magazines, periodicals and Hollywood movies cast in this city, so we were ready to set in real our all gained virtual knowledge. We chose the world-famous hotel cosmopolitan Las Vegas as our accommodation point. Possessing the 13 lavish restaurants who introduce the most delicious culinary experience to guests, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is Vegas’s top famous and most sought after accommodation. The hotel is decorated with moving art in the lobby; it is facilitated with eye catching video screen columns. The hotel has well furnished rooms and suites, which are updated with the latest amenities. You could see the artistic inclination of the interior decor of these rooms. Most of the rooms are provided with a private terrace that gives you open air experience.

Just to introduce you to Las Vegas, I detail here- Las Vegas is the most populous city in the U.S State of Nevada. It is the county seat of Clark County. The city is the leading financial and cultural centre for Southern Nevada. Stuffed with bewitching bars, casinos, music concert halls and hotels, it is internationally accredited giant resort city well known for gambling, shopping and fine dining. The city is famous for its diversity in ethnicity; you can find here people from different countries. This variety is reflected into the culture, and the language spoken here. Staying in Cosmopolitan has its own advantage; I would rather say it has bargains. Cosmopolitan offers some really super saver Las Vegas deals. There are available WEEKDAY Specials under which 20% off is allotted on room-stays. Beside weekdays, you can also find WEEKEND Specials, discounted Las Vegas travel packages, Las Vegas deals and coupons. The grand hotel also provides discounted tickets and passes for Las Vegas shows and events held in Las Vegas nightclubs that are performed annually.

There are some very good lounges and bars in Cosmopolitan. Being the architectural wonders, the places here casted a spell of magical charm of all three of us. Shyna loved The Chandelier most. Created with luminous beaded curtains of light, it is a multi-story visual spectacle. In this there are total three uniquely built up bars. At the bottom, we hit the classic casino bar. In its inside, we savoured the most delectable drinks at cocktail haven, and at the top, Alisha and me had played out some real hot flirts at the branded lounge. Since I am more tradition oriented, so I loved Vesper Bar, which offers you a smooth blend of modern sophistication and past elegance. Shyna would perhaps never forget getting lost while flipping through the pages of menu while booking for herself cocktail. Las Vegas nightlife has its witch magic, we witnessed it at Book & Stage, when at night the bar had come alive with some amazing dudes playing the throaty voiced intimate shows. Bond, a perfect hotspot for musicians and artists, took us to the world of some really gifted people. I, Shyna and Alisha ended up in making life long bonds here. We earned some good Spanish chaps here as good friends. Since none of us was aware of Las Vegas shows and events which are worthy to spend for, so we took in our Spanish boys. We in unison then attended Elan Atias, Hoops & Hops, Tegan and Sara w/Portugal The Man, New Order, Jennifer Keith Quintet, DJ Impulse, D Reaction and DJ Supra.

Famous among the Vegas casinos, we dished out handsome bucks at the heart of Casino floor, and have up-to-neck lip smacking wines in Queue Bar. Our last bachelor night, we spent in Marquee Nightclub. Located at The Cosmopolitan, this spectaculat club was crowded with tourists and locals. 50-foot-tall ceilings and multi-million-dollar sound stage had more than enough to sweep us off our feet in musical resonance with high calibre DJs. With romance and hotness oozing men all around us, truly the night has us mingled one with sin and pleasure.

For fear of upsetting of our would-be husbands, we saw the Vegas tour captured moments just once while on flight to India and deleted them forever. Now as working mothers, and with our workaholic hubbies, I and my gang of girls are again thinking of visiting our sin city. Perfectly we deserve every ounce of it; isn’t it so?