How to Use Craigslist for Entertainment in Las Vegas

Craigslist is an online free classified site you can post advertisement that started few year ago. The site was not successful for many years until a few investors put money into it. That made it a popular marketing website today. Most Ads on craigslist is free but you need to pay for some. We have many entertainments Ads is on craigslist of recent.

Craigslist for Booking Hotels
Las Vegas is a bit affordable for everyone. There is expensive luxury and affordable hotels in Las Vegas. Tourist Flood Las Vegas every now and then which makes the hotels a bit competitive. This offer a lot of tourist discount for certain number of day for their hotels bookings. And few of the hotels around are listed below:
Caesars Palace
This hotel offers you spa, boutique and restaurants. And all their rooms are equipped with a flat-screen television. Caesars guests can also enjoy themselves in the hotel nightclub. It’s advisable to have your bookings between Monday –Thursdays because their prices goes up in the weekends due to the influx of tourists.
Wynn Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas allows you to view the beautiful Las Vegas from your window. And they have an internet access and a flat-screen TV for each of their rooms. Their spa offers treatment for both male and female. The hotel gym will also make you fit during your stay in Las Vegas. This hotel is just about five miles from the Airport.

ARIA Resort & Casino at City Center Las Vegas
Hey have a lot of restaurants and disco. The hotel offers you the beautiful view of the city from your window. And each room has a control system for the guest to set to their taste, from temperature to light with just a simple control.

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
Four Season hotel has a unique spa and eatery for you to enjoy yourself. The famous water fall and the view of the environment is something to be happy about. The guest has access to internet access and a lot of benefits and the Airport is just about 10 minutes driving distance from the hotel.
Travelodge Center Strip
Travelodge strip has an attractive environment and it’s situated in the Heart of Las Vegas. The Traveler with a tight budget makes use of the opportunity this hotel presents to them. They offer free internet access and coffee for each room during your stay. You also get a free parking space and corridor. The guest can also take the advantage of the tasty meal s served to them in the morning while they watch television or do other things.
The Mirage
At The Mirage, the room of the guest is equipped with a modern Flat-screen television. You also have access to diverse meal in Las Vegas and the hotel night club is one event you won’t want to miss daily. They offer a Dolphin training classes and imitation of a lava dome flowing.

Craigslist for Finding Celebrity Show in Las Vegas
We have a lot celebrity shows in Las Vegas are most of the most sort after shows in the world. These are the various comedy and music shows. Vegas is a famous place to laugh whole heartedly, Comedy Shows in Vegas is gives a lot people amusement from the George Wallace and carrot top comedy shows. They are top comedian and the most sort out for in Las Vegas. Las Vegas provides the famous singers the opportunity to connect with their fans. There are long list of music show that will make you day in sin city.

George Wallace
George Wallace is a well know comedian in Las Vegas. You see him acting comedy with horror, fun and other aspects of life. Comedians George Wallace’s will always make you laugh and sometimes leave tears in your eyes. This can be the reason he is called the father of comedy. Today George Wallace Las Vegas comedy happens to be one of the most popular comedy shows in Vegas. Am very sure that his impacting show will give you a lasting memory about Vegas, if you are in Las Vegas and looking for a show to attend, then George Wallace show will be a show you would love to attend.

Terry Fator
This show will thrill your mind. .Terry foster is also a comedian that will make you happy with his various performances. Terry Fator Las Vegas offers you a Terry Fator tickets in a pocket friendly rate, visit terry Fator Theater and take the advantage of this opportunity. And enjoy the Terry Foster comedy.
Britney Spears
This is one of the most successful music shows in Las Vegas. The Grammy winner singer Britney Spear concert started in year 1999. Right now all her fans in Vegas have the opportunity to see their best artist on stage.
Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages Vegas is full of music elements. They offer you classical, rock and western music. Actually level of music has explore now days, it’s behind many factor. Rock of Ages Las Vegas is also a type of band. Rock of Ages Las Vegas has change the taste of most music listeners in Vegas and their ticket has created a history on how they sell. Their ticket is pocket friendly and has thousand of audience in their show. Rock of Ages also blends comedy, dance with their songs. If you are looking at spending quality time in Vegas, Rock of Ages show is one show you will want to attend.
Elton John
Elton John is well known for his way of singing, but and he is also a performer and song writer. He performs with a many musical equipment on the stage. Elton John concert has more has more than 50 video display around the theaters, you will always have a good view of Elton great performance. This is one of the reasons his ticket is always in high demand.
Elton has been into this for decades and have received nothing less than five Grammy awards. Are you still contemplating whether to purchase Elton ticket or not? Don’t do this. You are missing a lot already because Elton John has been into this for decades. Go purchase your ticket today to enjoy the multi talented Elton John.

Craigslist for Finding Trips
Las Vegas is well-known as for entertainment. But Vegas also have its name as one of the top tourist destination in the world.
Mandalay Bay Shark Reef
Mandalay Bay Shark Reef is not an aquarium as such. But a lot of tourist still gathers to watch Bay Shark. This aquarium will give you an amazing tour. Mandalay Bay is a beautiful place where you can see many aquatic animals, just like you are viewing them in the sea. They have up to 2000 species of animals displayed in this aquarium. This aquarium is the top place you will love to visit if you are in Las Vegas. They have a large number of sea predators, crabs and others dangerous aquatic animals in this same aquarium. Aquarium offers you a journey with sea animals. Do you love to view sea animal but afraid of sea cruise this aquarium is for such people.

Valley of Fire State Park
This is one of the oldest parks in Vegas. Valley of Fire State Park is considered worldwide as one of the major attraction in Vegas. It was formed in Jurassic Era, when we have sand dune shift. All of this gives this park its look and appears to be on fire when sun ray shine on them. This is one place you should never miss if you want a good geographical view.